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Fluid Yoga is a space designed for like-minded people who wish to look after their health in a broad sense: body, mind and spirit. The word fluid reminds us that life is a series of spontaneous changes where we are constantly flowing from one moment to another. Our focus is to cultivate fluidity in the way we move therefore allowing space for the flow of thought and expression. 
At fluidyoga, we believe on the importance of maintaining a balanced life as you stay in tune with internal and external changes, building a strong and supple body and a calm and resilient mind. 
We offer small classes where you and your family will be guided by our highly experienced professionals through a variety of Yoga practices including Kids Yoga, Mindfulness for Children, Yoga for Surfers as well as Pilates and services such as Physiotherapy and Massage.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yoga for Surfers

This style of yoga incorporates breath and movement in a synchronized way. It is developed through sequences of yoga asanas having the Sun Salutation as a base. If your goal is to become a better surfer, this class will help create the right amount of flexibility, mobility and strength your body needs to improve your surfing skills.

Core Yoga

This Style of Yoga will focus on building core and pelvic floor awareness through a combination of yoga postures and mat Pilates exercises.

Restorative and Yin Yoga

This style incorporates yoga postures with long holds and the use of various yoga props, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Kids Yoga + Acro Fundamentals / Acro Yoga / Yoga for Teens

Kids Yoga helps children to cultivate a sense of wellbeing by building awareness, strength and flexibility in the body and mind. The classes involve the use of rhythm, acrobatics fundamentals and partner work to develop creativity through fun 'asana' choreography and games. The use of breathing exercises and meditation improves children’s concentration and sense of calm.

Prenatal Yoga

This Yoga class is specifically designed to help women create balance between their physical and emotional needs. The practice of yogic breathing, postures and meditation will help them gain strength and release tension in a safe and effective way. The class is taught through a gentle flow of movements followed by the breath awakening the connection to the subtle body and calming the mind. It is also an excellent environment to meet and socialize with other mums.


This style emphasizes alignment and breathing exercises to develop a strong core and improve coordination and balance. The props used are mat, bands and foam rollers. 


This treatment utilizes techniques to manage and cure injuries or deformities in the physical body. It incorporates exercise prescription, massage, heat treatment and acupuncture.  


Both Ayurveda and Remedial massage provide a systematic assessment and treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue with the use of oils to aid the healing process caused by strain, injury or stress.



Getting Here:

The studio is up the stairs from the Fluid performance gym floor.

Our Address:

3/23 Premier Circuit, Warana, Sunshine Coast, QLD, 4575